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Curious situation..

So I have a situation that I have not been able to find the answer to. I've called all around, everywhere from 30th AG, my recruiter, to SF recruiters at Ft. Carson and Ft. Riley. I'm a member of the NG who got a conditional release approved. I've been to MEPs and I currently have a seat reserved for training as an 18x. My question is... What do I do first as I do not have to attend basic or AIT since I'm 11B qualified and I do not have a break in service. My orders say I'm tentatively scheduled to go to Ft. Benning for 5 weeks 3 days for "prerequisites" and then an additional 2 weeks 3 days for "OSUT". If anyone knows or can find out any information I'd be glad for the help.
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You will go to FT benning for ABN school. from there you will go into 5 weeks of prerequest. once you pass those you will go to Bragg for Q

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lol Softcore. One day you will be hardcore lol.

I am based at Carson. I suggest that you just follow your orders and take the process little by little. Since the training lasts about 2 years, you have a while to know what group you will be based at.

I am not SF but have acquaintances that are SF and in support.
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Roger, thanks for the replies. I was just curious because I've been told a lot of different things. On a side note I thought SOPC was at Bragg?
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