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Enlisting OPTION 40 questions.

I cannot wait to join the Rangers with my OPTION 40 contract to serve our lord and savior Black Jesus in the white house! He freed the gays! I've always wanted to join the 75th ranger regiment. I'm a transsexual, atheist, Islamic, gay furry. I've always wanted to show the heterosexual Christian males in the Army (particularly in the 75th) whose boss and meke them submit to the gay/atheist/black majority in the army. I'm sure I'll fly up in the ranks because I'm a oppressed minority (I'm a trans-race, transsexual, Islamic, atheist, vegetarian, gay, furry) so I'm sure I'll make E-8 in 2 years MAX. Maybe a bit faster if I show up to work drunk and suck the 1SG's dick. And I'm going to dodge every deployment too in the 75th, I'm not going to die for some evil white heterosexual Christian males.LONG LIVE BLACK JESUS AND HIS GAY FEMINIST ARMY!
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