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Regular Army Enlistment Update

Bravo = ASAVB 31-49
Alpha = ASVAB 50+
GB = Grad Bravo (out of HS)
SB = Senior Bravo (Senior in HS)


If 11X is not populating on system then it is CLOSED.
Ask for other combat arms jobs available on the system or get qualified for Option 4 (Airborne) or Option 40 (Airborne Ranger)

MOSs closed for GB/SB continue to be extremely limited. Please be advised if
you have a qualifying line score of 99 & below in CL and 87 &
below in GM there are no MOSs available in these area. These two area
contains MOSs for admin/medical clerical and logistical and laundry/clothing
repair specialist. If MOS is showing on the system then it is available and it
can be reserved (basically you cannot ask for a job that is not available).

****Below is a list of all Bravo MOSs that have met the ceiling (capped) for MOS
placement and they continue to change minute by minute: 12C, 12D, 12K, 12M,
12N, 12R, 12T, 12W, 13B, 13F, 13P, 13R, 14E, 14S, 14T, 15D, 15P, 25P, 25S,
27D, 31E, 36B, 42A, 56M, 68E, 68G, 68H, 68J, 74D, 88H, 88K, 88L, 88M, 88N,
89A, 91A, 91B, 91D, 91E, 91F, 91L, 91M, 92A, 92F, 92M, 92S, 92Y, 94A, 94E,
94F, 94M, 94P, 94R, 94S, and 94T.****

**NOTE: If a job is reserved and you fail to show up at MEPS resulting in a
loss of reservation, then there is no guarantee to retrieve that
reservation. GB/SB MOSs are limited and all need to ensure a solid
commitment in flooring when pulling a reservation.

We continue to have jobs available for Bravo's as long as they qualify in
other qualifying areas.

"I did my best.. but I guess my best is not good enough.."

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Do you know what moses are available for reserve to active duty females?
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Right now there is only reclass training for 18X-Special Forces Recruit.

So you would have to come back in from a MOS you hold and that is depending on what MOS you hold.

DMOS- 79R-Recruiter
PMOS- 88M-Truck Driver
SMOS- 25Q-Antenna Monkey

Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way
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I am currently a 91B. I've heard that this is a balanced MOS, not overstrengthed.
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