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Afghanistan War Journal — 24 September 2011
I took this photo earlier today here in Kandahar. A large dust storm blew in from the north and enveloped the entire post for a couple of hours. Dust, sand, and dirt were everywhere. It’s just a nasty feeling and there really isn’t any respite from it.
I was a little pissed it had blown in this afternoon, because I was going to the market to pick up some things for my family. The A/C in my NTV went out yesterday, so I have had to drive with my windows down because it gets too hot in there. As I pulled away from the building, the A/C suddenly kicked on and I didn’t have to worry about all that dust and sand blowing into the vehicle! Perfect (divine) timing, if you ask me.
On another note, I’m taking a class with UMUC called Advanced Technical Writing in the evenings on the weekends. In the class, we have to give an oral presentation on one of the chapters in the book. I was asked if I’d be willing to teach Chapter 27: Blogs, Wikis, and Social Media! Not sure I’m very comfortable with the subject matter… Anyone know where I can find a good blog to do some research?
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