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Im PFC M. im new and dont know much of anything never been in a real unit im in tradoc unit. im going to soldier of the month board and im nervous as hell. i dont want to embaress myself. i have a hard time remembering things i read. cant remember them for nothing. going in just 1 week and recieved packet today. i have no confidence in this can someone help me please without rude comments i can get that here.
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Hey PFC, first of all just breath. Ok,so I'm guessing you know when the board is, you have the MOI(Memorandum of Instructions). I would suggest you sit down with your sqd leader/team leader and let them know you are having a hard time studying and remembering the info.
What worked for me is, I use notecards. Remember, you wont be able to remember everything but if you FOCUS and set aside time to study I think you will do fine. You need to build confidence and know that this is a learning experience and it could open doors for more opportunities. GOOD LUCK, YOU GOT THIS!
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Also, check out the site you posted this question. ARMYSTUDYGUIDE. They have a an audio version and even an iphone APP. Also be aware that alot of commands are using ADP(ARMY DOCTRINE) for promotion boards, so possibly for all Army boards. Check out this link:
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and what I did when I was a young troop was to focus heavily on some of the subjects. It is better to know some subjects than it is to try and cram everything in a week. Like the previous poster said notecards work and I remember things I write down, so if I am having trouble on a certain question I will copy down a few times. What Armyof1 stated is the truth but you do not have time for that and I doubt they would ask a PFC something that is not readily available to them. Good luck.
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