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getting a seat for wtc

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can not seem to get a slot for the wtc and getting fustrated. given one date, then told that oders could not be written that quick (wed. notified for a monday sendoff plus that monday was a holiday). then that no slots till sometime late in 08. then comes the end of jan. 08, and i hear rumor that seats are open. had recruiter look into it as well as my RNCO, MEPS claimed that my info on file was all to be updated first (even though pherms and ako including leave and earnings were all correct
0. then told maybe the 12th of feb. 08, called back recrutor and he called to MEPS, they said my file is done and sitting by the computor, when slots come up they'll enter me in then. obviously i'm not inclined to believe the civies at MEPS any more, not sure where to go from here, any ideas? my son is 18th airborne by the way in fort bragg and my 17 yr. old daughter just signed in as well. kind of not wanting to never make rank, wont get anything till wtc is completed and no mos compatable so need to go to mp school want to be deployable soon but again, NEED WTC. any help???
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Class Dates for FY 2008 are available for WTC at

search course # 750-AT

looks like upcoming courses starting 22 FEB 08, 07 MAR 08, and 28 MAR 08

I too hope to hit one of these class dates myself, good luck.
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