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I am confused by the BEAR program. I recently reclassed to 35L as SPC. I was told when I signed up for the BEAR program that my rank when I signed up would be taken in to consideration since it's an automatic promotion under the SMAPP. I recently arrived at my unit and I am being told that because of the promotion that I no longer qualify for the sl1 bonus. I don't think this is right because it wouldn't be possible to get the sl1 bonus because of the automatic promotion. I looked for the BEAR milper message, but all I can find is the one where they rescinded it. Is there a way I can get the sl1 bonus, or am I going to get screwed because the school wouldn't reenlist us for the BEAR program? (The only possible way to get the sl1 bonus if what my retention says is true)
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The exact same thing happened to my buddy. This is why they did away with the bear program. The career counselor told my friend that it is a stupid catch 22 that the army overlooked. He had to settle for a 4k conversion bonus.
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