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hello everyone. i need some help. i am a newly promoted NCO and i was a grader on the last APFT. and i had a female soldier in my line who had a larger chest. while doing the push-up event her chest hit the ground before breaking the plane required to count the push-up. i counted all of them that she did. did i do the right thing.
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"Scorers must allow for differences in the body shape and structure of each soldier. The scorer uses each soldier’s starting position as a guide throughout the event to evaluate each repetition. The scorer should talk to the soldier before the event begins and have him do a few repetitions as a warm-up and reference to ensure he is doing the exercise correctly." Furthermore, "your chest may touch the ground during the push-up as long as the contact does not provide an advantage. You cannot bounce off the ground."

That's verbatim from the FM/TC. Might try checking there next time. Also, I think this question is in the wrong forum. Might try reading what the forums are about next time too. Hope this helps.
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