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My son just went to basic training. He's been there two weeks today. When he left his job was in Communications. I received the first call from him yesterday and he explains his job has been changed because the Army is cutting back so his new MOS is 12C. He's having a hard time of course but to be honest I think he's more concerned with his job change. He doesn't want that MOS and probably wouldn't have even joined if he couldn't have chosen a MOS he thought he'd enjoy. He was excited about going to basic and now his attitude is much different and it just sounds like he wants to get his time in and get out. I plan to write him and respond to what he said. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Is there anything he can do to change the 12C since that's not what he enlisted for originally?
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The only way he wouldn't get the MOS on his CONTRACT is if he doesn't qualify for it- the Army can't break the contract.

Sounds like he's not telling you the full story....

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