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things needed to do to increase rank

I would like to know what things can be done to increase rank while in the infantry? what type of additional training does it take? Also how do you get the training if you are deployed in Irag? I have been told that with my 90 hours of college credit I can enlist as an E-3 so I was wondering what all I needed to do to get to the rank of E-5 in 4 years if possible. I hear its hard for someone in infantry to get to take college classes. Is this true?
I am going to list some questions that I have and hopefully things will be more understandable for me.

1. Being in infantry cant I get jump certified and go to sniper school?

2. Can I also get trained in air assualt?

3. how many additional things <training schools> can I have in my contract?

4. Is there such thing as patches or medals for training in differant types of enviroments? < artic, desert, mountain?> or rather training schools for differant enviroments.

5. Would I be given a chance to go to Ranger school? I cant swim the best so would be even harder for me also I am 30 years old turning 31 this month.

6. An off topic question but how many things can someone in INTEL like counter INTEL train for that the infantry trains for? I knwo there are lot of differances in MOS btu seems like counter intel would need to know alot of these things to wrok at their best.

Thanks for all the help I really appreciate it.

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first off, being in the infantry, you will have a low cutoff score for getting promoted to e5, so you really wont even have to do too much. you get 150 points automatically from your commander, then another 140-150 from the board, then as infantry you wont need to pick up more than another 50ish. Im a signal soldier, and my cutoff is about 450, and its not even hard for us to get e5 if 4 years nowadays. but if you want to get your points up, correspondance is one of the huge things, you can have 1000 hours of correspondance, which equals 200 promotion points under military education. then if you do go airborne, you have whats called the "airborne advantage" which makes it so you need less points to promote then someone exactly like you, that isnt airborne qualified. you can request air assault, that will give you something like 10 promotion points in military education. there is a "moutain" tab if you are assigned to the 10th mountain division at ft. drum, ny. i dont think they give the arctic medal anymore... you can try to go to sniper school, that will also give you points. its all about points for your e5 and e6. we have signal guys that make e6 in just over 4 years, so being infantry, too easy, good luck.

PFC McKinney
A co 304th Sig Bn
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It is hard to take college in the infantry. I had to get a college option as part of a reenlistment to take a semester. This may not be available in all areas. Correspondence and online classes are your friends here.

1. Yes. That doesn't me you will just because you ask.

2. see 1

3. There are Ranger and Special Forces enlistment options. They may not be available, you may not qualify for the option, and even if you get such an option, you may not pass the selection. I don't know if it is an enlistment option but you may ask about Sapper school.

If you get any of these schools in your initial contract you probably will only get 1.

4. No awards that I know of. The mountain tab is part of the 10th ID unit patch, just as Airborne tabs are part of the unit patch. It does not indicate any sort of qualification of the soldier wearing it.

I think there is an arctic school. Never heard of a dessert school. The Mountain Warfare school is run by a guard unit (Minnisotta I think?) and will be difficult to attend. I've heard of a jungle warfare school but I believe it's closed now.

5. see 3

6. Probably won't get sniper. Ranger, Airborne, Air Assult, SF, and Sapper could be available to you, but you will be a lower priority.

This is a ten level task
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