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68x to 68t

So I have been thinking this over and over again. I feel like I might have made a mistake picking 68x behavioral health specialist. Though I love psychology I feel as if I love working with animals more often than humans. I ship to basic in 5 days!!! I know I should have made a decision months ago but I have been fighting it back and forth in my head..
Lets say I go through with 68x and want to switch to 68t can there be a way I could slip into any job with animal behavior?
It would be in the same range of behavior specialist just working with animals..
Any thoughts?
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You signed a contract, so give it a chance ok. Get pass basic and AIT and some time as a 68x and then see how you feel.
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Animal Care is a pretty low density MOS, you would prolly have a very tough time securing that position, and you may not even be qualified for it.
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T.Rojas- You can't switch now, you have signed a contract, you will have to fulfill that contract before you even think about switching to a new MOS. Also as a vet tech you would not be doing much with Animal Behavior, that is for the actual Vets. You would be doing logistics, animal care, minor procedures, details (cleaning, facility managment, paperwork) and lots and lots of screenings, documentation and shots. I work with the vet techs here at JBLM. I can put you in contact with one, but like I said it does not matter much since you signed that contract.
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