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Hello everyone,
Honorable 5-17 discharge because I was having some anxiety issues....thinking about killing myself and others for the last two years starting to during my 2nd deployment. The Doc went with a 5-17 instead of a medboard because I was having major issues getting along with the Army so he thought it would be better to get me away from the stress as quickly as possible.

When I out-processed the Army they reviewed my separation code with me, JFV, and told me my bonus would not be recouped. I called them 2 days ago to find out why my final pay hadn't been deposited and they said they were taking back my bonus so I actually owe them 83.00 dollars now once those cancel each other out!

How do I find out for sure if they are screwing me? The lady that did my final DD214 showed me to my face the guidelines they go off of. It said I would not get recouped! Not sure what to do except go to my local VA and see if they can get to the bottom of things.

I appreciate any help. Thanks!

Sgt D.
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I have been trying to dig through some Regs and as far as I can tell they are only required to take back the bonus due to voluntary or misconduct related separations. I had no misconduct and my separation was involuntary. Once I started to have thoughts about killing people and they didn't go away I went to sick call and from there was referred to counseling which I have attended ever since.
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How much of your contract did you NOT fulfill? When you accepted the bonus, you promised to serve for a set amount of time. You did not serve that time, so why should you still be obligated to the bonus money?
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I had 1.5 years left out of 5 at the time of discharge. My discharge is convenience of the government, not something that's my own fault. And I am not saying I should get the rest of the unpaid portion. I just don't think I should have to pay back what I've already received because now they are keeping my final pay and the 40 days of leave I sold back which is putting me in a hard spot because I was counting on that to get by until I find a job.

I haven't spoken to the VA about this issue yet because I just found out. I did go to file a disability claim and when I first went into their office the guy was saying it's pretty obvious based on my mental health treatment and the times it occurred in relation to my deployments that I have PTSD. If they diagnose me with that do I have any options? Like getting the discharge code changed?
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Review AR 15-185 Army Board for Correction of Military Records. You may be able apply for relief there.

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