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Career Status Bonus (CSB) - $30,000

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Originally posted by csguyftc:
Finance guy here, and "JMW3CC" is correct. I just got back from down range and some finance offices there are sub par to be honest. Some only want to deal with down range issues, others have never done their job because civilians do most or all of our jobs in CONUS. I hate appologizing for my fellow finance, but many are becoming more and more lost in the woods as we can not learn our jobs before deployment. I would highly suggest submitting the CSB at 14 1/2 years to make sure everything flows smoothly when the 15 year mark hits. CSB's are forwarded by finance up to DFAS, and we all know how things can get kicked back, so get the CSB paper work in and approved by DFAS before the 15 year mark.

Okay, my husband elected to take the CSB and went to turn in his paperwork and they told him to hang on to it until 3 days before his 15yr mark and that he would be paid on his 15yr mark. Is there any way I can find out if this is correct or not? Thanks!
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Ok....So my hubby's 15th year was LAST year. After several long discussions we decided it was the best thing for us to do after I lost my job and the bills kept piling up. When he went to file the paperwork...he was told his DIEMS date and some other date is not matching. He went to S1 to change it...and it STILL has not been changed. That was back in April. We're now going into November...which is his 16th year. Is he still eligible to get the CSB? What can we do from here? Thanks!!!

Originally posted by ArmyReenlistment:
The $30,000 Career Status Bonus (CSB)
Soldiers who elect the CSB/REDUX retirement system at their 15th year of service receive a $30,000 Career Status Bonus. To receive this bonus, the Soldier must agree to complete a twenty-year active duty career with length-of-service retired pay under the 1986 Military Retirement Reform Act -- 1986 MRRA or REDUX. Contination beyond twenty years is possible, subject to Service personnel management actions. However, the Soldier's commitment with the CSB is only to the 20-year point. The entire $30,000 bonus, or first installment payment for those electing a multi-year payment option, is paid shortly after the member makes the CSB/REDUX election and commits to the 20-years-of-service obligation.
(Exact mechanics should be provided by your Service near the point you have 14 and 1/2 years of service.

If the Soldier doesn't complete the obligation of the twenty-year career, the Soldier must repay a pro-rated share of the bonus.

You can see your Personnel Office when you have 14 years and 6 months of active federal service and fill out a DD Form 2839.
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My husband filed for the redux two months before his 15 yrs mark, and since then had to refile's now mid may and he's been trying to get his redux since December 2012. S1 office keeps telling him that it wasn't kicked back, yet they have no explanation as to why it's taking so long to receive payment. Do u think thst it might have something to do with fact that he hasn't reenlisted indef,and won't be able to until 2014? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We just want to know what the hold up is. He's been to finance, he's called main dfas, and still no answers.
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He would have to have an ETS date that will take him to or beyond the 20 year mark before authorization of the CSB will paid. To be eligible for CSB, he has to agree to complete 20 years of active duty service.
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