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I havent been able to find anything in any AR's maybe someone in here might know. I have several ACU's that the velcro doesnt work anymore and are faded. How do I go about getting them DX'd? I heard that it is a simple memo from the unit commander but I wanted to see it in writting first.

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Typically you can't DX acus. They are a clothing bag item, which you receive a clothing allowance yearly to replenish due to fair wear and tear.

Usually you can only DX OCIE items, ie ACH, molle, etc.
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I am here at AIT. Here they do DX your ACU's however you need a platton sergeant to make an appiontment. i am having the same problem mine are not being DX because of the platoon sergeants not making an appiontment. I was told if you get a memo before you go to your unit they may be able to DX your Uniforms. Is there any other way because my uniforms have ink stains on them and are to big. they are unserviceable.
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You replied to a very old thread but thanks for the update.

This link confirms on what you been told.
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