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MOVSM bullets

If anyone has received this award can you send me some bullets or how to write up a soldier for this award.thanks!
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Picture of AMES
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SPC ....... dedicated his personal time at Camp Lost-in-the-woods to the service of Operation Outstretch Merica, a volunteer service organization designed to provide humanitarian aid to the Redneck people living in Lower Bowl Province. Operation Outstretch Merica is dependent on the service of caring volunteers like SPC ....... in order to make a difference in the lives of the Redneck people

SPC .....'s passion for helping other people was instrumental in the growth and effectiveness of Operation Outstretch in the Camp Lost-in-the-woods area of operations. His good works enabled the Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen based at Camp Lost-in-the-woods to build meaningful relations with the Redneck people. His compassionate and caring heart was invaluable in providing meaningful aid to hundreds of Rednecks.

SPC .......'s dedication and devotion to the Redneck people through Operation Outstretch Merica will have a lasting and positive effect on the Redneck people in Lower Bowl Province. The Redneck people he touched will forever remember how he volunteered to help heal their hearts and minds.

Hopefully this helps
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The question is really, what did they do that makes it warranted? You tell us what happened and we can give examples of how to make it flow through the channels.
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