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Meritorious Unit Citation Proof

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In 2009 the unit I was serving with was awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation. I do not have any orders for this and it is not on my ERB. In 2010 the unit was deactivated.

Is there a database or something of unit awards? Or does anyone know of a way for me to show the unit recieving the award at that time so that I can add it to my ERB?
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I was in a similar situation and yes there is a database that lists unit awards. I believe you can access it through the awards branch on the hrc website.
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Awesome, you are right. Found this link.
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I see the unit I deployed with listed for a VUA here but it says DAGO pending. The spreadsheet has this explanation for DAGO pending:

2. "DAGO PENDING" awards have been approved, but have not yet been published in the DAGO. There will be other approval documentation authorizing wear and the update of records. This documentation can be obtained from the unit concerned or from HRC.

So my question is, how would you get documentation from HRC since no one I know is still at that unit that I deployed with in 2007. Should I wait until further documentation is published?
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