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Badge wear on ACU

Anyone know how to properly arrange the following badges on the ACU: CIB, parachutist, freefall parachutist, combat diver? The reg seems unclear. A 4 badge vertical stack just looks dumb. I thought it would be CIB on top, parachutist below, and freefall badge and diver badge side by side on bottom. Thoughts/advice?
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From DA PAM 670-1, 22-16, d(2)(d):
"When four badges are worn, they are centered 1/8 inch above the U.S. Army tape, and worn vertically and side by-side in stacks of two with 1/4 inch between badges vertically and 1/2 inch between badges horizontally."

Note that it says "vertically" and "side by side", indicating that you should split your tower of power into two side by side stacks.

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