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More Final Pay Issues

I ETS'd on the 11th of November last year. The civilian that gave me my DD214 and final out briefing told me that my final pay would include the 11 days from November and the 60 days of leave that I sold back, minus my Statement of Charges from CIF. Since the SoC exceeded the amount of my 1-11 November pay, I asked her if that would be a problem, or cause some kind of delay. She said no, that the 1-11 Nov. pay would be added to the 60 days of leave, taxed at 25%, and that the statement of charges would be deducted from that amount. Whatever was left over is what I'd receive (about $2700 and some change). After I had been out for about two weeks and hadn't gotten anything, I chalked it up to the SoC exceeding that 1-11 Nov. amount, and assumed that I would receive my final amount ,allowing for the upcoming Christmas holiday and all, sometime in January. January rolls around and nothing, goes into February and still nothing. I've called post Finance, been told that I need to talk to Separations, and been given three different numbers to contact them with. None of which are ever answered. It's always some sort of answering service....I leave a message and never get called back. And then I get a debt letter from DFAS, saying that I owe them money. The amount that I "owe" them is that 1-11 November pay minus the SoC. In the spreadsheet that was attached to the letter, it has on there the Nov. pay and the statement of charges. It has nothing about the 60 days of accrued leave that I sold back. So I again attempt to call Separations, and AGAIN fail to get through to them. I call DFAS customer service, and basically tell them everything that I've typed up to this point. She pulls up my info, and it turns out that I am owed money by the Army. She then told me that I need to call my Separations office (L-O-frikkin-L) and tell them to clear my PX line. I know I didn't owe the PX money; I cleared them cleanly during outprocessing and told her so. She laughed at me, and said that it wasn't that and the Separations office would know what I was talking about. She then gave me two numbers to Separation, told me that there was nothing DFAS could do and to call Sep, have them clear that PX line, and then I would receive my money. I have since made more attempts to get through to Separations, each time getting the answering service. Now, having said all of that, what are my options for getting this squared away? Thanks!
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Are you still close to Post? If so ask a buddy to sign you in and have a face to face chat with them.
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