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AR 635-200 5.16 and Leave

I have a question in regards to this regulation/ program. I have read it and talked to a few other soldiers. I have also spoken to the lower levels in my chain of command. I am planning on finishing my contract and I would like to use this program. I also am going to have extra leave days on top of this when it comes time. I was wondering if I am able to use this program as well as take my leave on top of it. I realize it says in part h that it cannot be combined with any other program, but if I was to use this for the full 90 days and take leave on top of it, would the leave count as another program? Some people have said yes I can do this, but I am not sure. I talked to my section NCO who said I would only be able to do 90 days regardless and in order to use this, the schooling has to fall within those 90 days. He told me to check with the ACAP office, but I asked and they did not know for sure either. I guess my next step is to go to my S1, however, I would like to gather as much knowledge as I can first.
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