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Med Board VS Chapter?

If you were being investigated for spice usage, could you get a med board to go through before the chapter ever goes through?
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Med Board VS Chapter?

I know this whole process is very confusing. My dh med boarded out about 4 years ago. My DH's main problem was a TBI, not called that at the time since it wasn't that common. I do not know the difference between chaptering and med boarding. His dr's steered us towards med boarding since my DH was no longer able to function in the military, and would not be able to work a job outside of the army. With this my DH is considered retired and we get a paycheck every month and we can keep Tricare..
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Spam is getting funnier here by the day. A person that registers for the first time provides a real name and address and answers this post so confusingly; it is hysterical. What is DH? Must be part of a fill-in script.

And then the backup generators spyware link that you never should click.

Mod, please delete.
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It depends on if you have already been put in for the MEB. What is supposed to happen is both the MEB Packet and Chapter Packet go up to the General at your post and they are the deciding factor of which one you will get. But if you have not actually been put in for an MEB yet you more than likely will get the chapter.
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DH= Dear Husband just a guess maybe LMAO it kinda fits though
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