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Final paycheck - confused

I plan to call DFAS tomorrow but I was hoping to get an answer tonight if possible. Here is what is going on. I ETS'd on 3/28. I was told at that time I would get "80% of your paycheck in a few days and the other 20% plus your cashed in leave days about one week later." I got 80% of my full monthly paycheck on 3/30. I went in today to look for the other 20% and saw "DFAS-in-RVS" with (29.00). I could not figure out why it said DFAS IN and then said it was taking OUT 29.00 I called USAA and they said "The amount that DFAS put in on 3/30, they tried to take that exact amount out on 4/4, but it was not in there so the 29.00 is a fee for not having enough to cover a payment." My question is, why are they trying to take my money back? I am owed that money so what is the deal? I don't have access to my AKO anymore but I got nothing in the mail and nothing in my other e-mail to say that there was a problem. Any ideas? Thanks.
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They finally caught up with you for that time they overpaid you.
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Originally posted by Corvette1140:
They finally caught up with you for that time they overpaid you.

LOL...but could be true!

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