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He is a CPT and he cant tell his wife how much (even just an estimate) of how much he will be getting paid while downrange?

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I don't think Trans was trying to be rude and honestly if a CPT with 13 years of service does not know what he would be getting that is a surprise or has he never been deployed before??

He will get tax free of course for the length of time that he is over there. Should get family sep, and hazardous pay. His BAH will stay for where his family is at or what ever he is getting now. I don't think there is BAH for deployment areas as it's combat and your family is not there. There may be extra pay in there somewhere I am not sure and I don't know how the NG works. I do know they make out better then the active army at times, which is a topic for a different day of course.

I hope this helps. Take his base pay keep the taxes and add oh say for good measure $400 as a min. Don't quote me as I am probably wrong, and have not been deployed for a few years.
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