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UCMJ statement that goes on DA 4856

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I think the problem with this topic is that too many Soldiers are quick to react and provide their input without first researching the topic. For example, most of the posts on this particular subject give opinionated responses-opinions are dangerous and can be similar to one's posterior region.
The DA Form 4856, and ALL DA Forms, specifically state at the top where to go in order to use the form. The DA Form 4856 states "For use of this form, see FM 6-22" If one were to go to that FM and look through it, one would come across APPENDIX B. This appendix dicusses the types of counseling, who's responsible for counseling, the importance of counseling, and all sorts of other issues directly related to the counseling process. FM 6-22, APP B, para B-63 specifically discusses how to use the DA Form 4856.
The Army has literally thousands of Regulations, TM's, FM's, Circulars, etc. One purpose for all these publications is to ensure that we maintain a professional and informed population. Knowledge is power and if the perception is that there are a lot "lazy" NCO's, then step up to the plate, read and become knowledgeable, and then implement some education.
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Everyone apparently has their own points of view on the "magic statement" and how it's supposed to be used. I believe in training soldiers repeatedly and/or extending their corrective training until they finally "get it."

From what I've read so far about counseling issues in this forum mainly derives from leadership issues with the NCO to the SM. It's not personal, it's professional. Event-Oriented broken down into simplest form just asks for the facts. Not the Articles of UCMJ, or various policies that were violated.

The punishment has to fit the crime. The acronym KISS (Keep it simple stupid) is a pretty good guideline when it comes to thinking up some crazy off-the-wall corrective training. Unfortunately, you can't humiliate Soldiers anymore, but it certainly worked for me when I was a Private. (i.e. Alarm clocks in ammo cans, large clocks hung around the neck, extension bars carried with 550 cord slung like a weapon, etc.)

"End all extra ordinary moments with a smile."
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Here is the "Magic Statement" that I use for all of my negative counselings:

IAW AR 635-200, paragraph 1-18, you are being counseled for unsatisfactory performance/misconduct. If your performance/behavior does not improve, you may be processed for involuntary separation from the U.S. Army under the provisions of Chapter(s) 5, 13, or 14, AR 635-200. Administrative separation can have a serious effect on your life. Some of the ramification are explained below. If separation is initiated under Chapter 5 or 13, the least favorable characterization of discharge you can receive is a General Discharge (Under Honorable Conditions). If you are discharged under Chapter 14, you may receive an Other Than Honorable Discharge. Even if you receive an Honorable discharge, any early separation from the Army before the scheduled expiration of your term of service may reduce your chance to obtain either civilian or government employment. It may preclude you from reenlisting in any of the armed forces. If you are separated for misconduct before your normal ETS date, you will not receive any money back from the Army College Fund program and you may be required to repay all or some of any enlistment or reenlistment bonus that you have received. Your type of discharge will become a matter of permanent record and may, consistent with the Privacy Act, be provided to any federal agency if you either apply for federal employment or for a federal security clearance. A General discharge will cause you to lose civil service retirement credit and may cause you to lose your entitlement to certain VA benefits. In addition to the other effects, an Other Than Honorable discharge also will cause you to lose payment for accrued leave, to forfeit any authorization to wear a military uniform, to be denied admission to the soldier's home, and to lose some or all of the benefits administered by the Veterans Administration or other federal agencies. Finally, you should be aware that a General discharge or Other Than Honorable discharge is very rarely upgraded.

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Try this website

Magic Statement
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This is the Magic Statement we advise our Brigade to use.

This constitutes as a formal counseling session concerning your noted deficiencies. You will be given a reasonable amount of time to correct these deficiencies and to rehabilitate yourself. Your conduct will be monitored during this period of time and you will be given every opportunity to prove yourself. If your performance and conduct continues to be unsatisfactory, you may be subject to administrative action under the provisions of AR 635-200 (Enlisted Personnel). If you are processed for separation under the provisions of AR 635-200, you may receive a General discharge, or an (OTH) Other than Honorable discharge. Each type of discharge may have serious consequences affecting civilian employment, veteran's benefits or future service in the Armed Forces. You may appeal to have a discharge of less than Honorable upgraded, but approval of such request is highly unlikely. Futhermore, noncompliance with the guidance set forth in this counseling could result in adverse administrative action under the provision of AR 27-10 (Military Justice). You are directed to correct the deficiencies noted above; or initiation of separation proceedings will be necessary.
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you mean the magic bullet?
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