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Initial counseling statement

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Weird question, i've had commands that state to me to put the "bad soldier" blurp on every counseling, have any of you ran into this, and do you really think it is necessary as it is just an initial counseling and if the soldier doesn't live up to standards, you negativly counsel them anyway?

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SSG Ras,
see my response in the "UCMJ statement" thread.
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here's what i use for initial counseling..It's what I use for all my Soldiers as initials when I first get them. You are more than welcome to use it if you like what you see.. =) It's how I got ahold of it. Was originally a Memorandom for Record as Initial reception for NCOs/Soldiers to my unit a LONG time ago back in 1st Cav... lol

• Welcome <SM rank&name> as a member of the team.
• Conduct initial counseling.
• Encourage open communications.
• Provide the solder the opportunity to surface any issues that have arisen since his/her reception counseling.
• Review the reception/integration process (search for ways to improve the process/identify sustain areas).

Key points of Discussion:
1. Job Description: As a Sentinel Team member, you will be trained and expected to be technically and tactically proficient with the Sentinel radar and FAAD C4I systems. You will be tested often to ensure battle readiness and qualification.<change this to fit specific job descriptions for soldiers under you>

2. Discipline and Respect: is the cornerstone. Disrespect or insubordination to any of your superior will not be tolerated. Any Soldiers assigned to this unit will honor the courtesy given to his seniors, when talking to a senior in rank (NCO's) you will be at the position of "At Ease".

3. Personal Appearance: It contributes to building better pride and esprit de corps. You will be responsible for complying with AR 670-1 and AR 600-9. I expect you to be the best-dressed soldier in the battery. Remember, first impressions can at times be lasting impressions.

4. Physical Fitness: Everybody will participate in PT. I expect you to maintain your physical conditioning. You will ensure that you are capable of passing the APFT and maintaining the standards set forth in AR 600-9.

5. Maintenance: Everybody will participate in PMCS, motorpool maintenance, and closeouts. You are also responsible for maintaining your TA-50 and ensuring that it is in serviceable condition. If there is a deficiency, notify your first line supervisor.

6. Promotion: Based on your performance and overall Soldiering.

7. Training: is a continuous effort. Don't wait until a "REAL WORLD" situation to wish you had taken training more serious. Let's do it right the first time.

8. Standards: There is a published standard for almost everything we do, I.E.: Formation, Sickcall, Barracks and work areas. I want everyone to enforce the standards. Excellent units are not made up of Soldiers who only meet the standards, I expect you to demonstrate excellence in every matter. Never walk past a deficiency. If you do, you just lowered the standard and gave less than 100%. Also, you just set a new negative standard.

9. Equal Opportunity: Every Soldier in this unit will be treated with dignity and respect. Treat your fellow Soldiers as you would like your spouse, parent, sister, brother, daughter, son, etc. to be treated. Absolutely NO Sexual harassment, extremist activity, racism, etc. will be tolerated.

10. Drugs, DWI, and under age drinking: Zero Tolerance! No matter how good of a Soldier you have been, if found guilty, I will recommend maximum punishment when you are involved in any drug, or alcohol related incident.

11. Appointments: You will not make any appointments that you, or with your spouse/dependent, on Mondays and Fridays. If for some reason you don't have an appointment slip, I will verify your appointment prior to being released.

During this counseling session we have discussed your basic duties and responsibilities, your short term and long term goals, your expectation of a leader, my expectations of you, and other related areas.

During our next counseling session we will go over the following:
• Overall progress
• Short-term and Long-term goals
• Attitude
• Personal Appearance
• Personal Issues
• and anything else that may arise...

Leader Responsibilities:
• Supervisor will ensure that the soldier receives proper training in all areas of job performance and that the training is properly documented.
• Supervisor will provide additional training should it be required.
• Provide an environment to learn and grow.

"If you're an NCO then lead by example and do your job.. If you're a "pay grade", then take those stripes off and give them to someone who will make the difference...."
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during your plan of action you never mentioned the soldier's responsabilities directly. Is that something you want to do or is it more of an unsaid truth??
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