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Monthly Counseling?

This is concerning the proper way to fill out a monthly performance counseling. First question Block II Backround Infomation, is the title PERFORMANCE AND PROFESSIONAL GROWTH? For block III, I was never told the proper way to fill this block out. The way i have been counceled went into detail on the 4856 is this the right way or should there be just key points filled in? for example 1. PT performance, 2. land nav, 3. uniform, etc.? Just like this example:
any guidance would help alot thank you.
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As for block III, there doesn't seem to be a "right" way to fill this out. One Unit I was in wanted you to counsel Soldiers based on the Army Values, while my current Unit wants comments that follow the outline of the NCOER.

My advice would be to check your Unit's SOP to see if they have a guideline for Soldier's counseling. If they don't, then just counsel them the way you've always been counseled.

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i use this method:

*Areas Proformed Well In
blah blah blah....

*Areas of Improvement
blah blah blah

blah blah blah

*Promotion Potential

this seems to work well...

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Do you actually use "blah, blah, blah"? Big Grin

That would seem to get the point across.

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yes, blah blah blah is really effective.

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Why do leaders still insist on monthly counseling? It is ineffective, except in only the most extreme cases where Soldiers require such micromanagement, where professional growth/development may not be the most appropriate. Why, 1SG E, this is how we've always done it, how can it be wrong?

First, FM 7-22.7 paragraph 5-30. Professional growth counseling begins an initial counseling within 30 days of arrival. Additional counseling occurs QUARTERLY thereafter with an ASSESSMENT at a minimum of once a month. Counseling is a continuous process. Reception/Integration/Initial counseling must include goals/expectations for most current quarter along with long term goals and expectations.

Counseling should result in the development of a plan of action. Most of the professional/personal growth development issues intended to be addressed in these monthly counseling sessions take more than a month to implement and gain any measurable degree of improvement. A self assessment tool can be created using APP B, FM 22-100 (FM 6-22). Minus the lack of initating the plan, oh, that would be covered by conducting a MONTHLY ASSESSMENT. Still disagree? Let's break it down:

How many days a month (barring deployments) do you really work, from which to measure progress?
Month = 30 days
Weekends = -8 days
National/Trainig Holiday = -1 to -2 days
Off duty from CQ = -1 day
Now we're down to ~20 working days a month.

So, we're looking at developing those attributes from APP B FM 22-100(6-22) and may include the following:

PT improvement. How much improvement do you expect a Soldier to make in 20 days, considering, this would represent only 10 days of sessions to improve push ups, for example. (We wouldn't work on push ups everyday, right?)

Military Education improvement. How long does it take to complete subcourses? (That is actually working the course...nuff said) Let's use 8 hours as an average. Since we want our Soldier to be well rounded, some of that time off may be spent on things other than mil/civ education and on family/friends/self, there may be a month when a Soldier doesn't complete any. Personally, I took down time during deployments or CQ to knock these out (>1000 hours). Otherwise, I'd dedicate a weekend quarterly to dedicate to correspondence courses. PROMOTION/NCOER TIP: I'd also hold some back if I were nearing a new rating period for my NCOER. If I had alread completed enough to secure an superior/excellence (always did), I hold back until the new rating period began so I started with enough to have a running start on the next period.

Civilian education improvement. Courses normally last 8-16 weeks.

Leadership. If there's a dificiency how much improvement do you beleive a Soldier can make in 20 working days.

MOS Proficiency. Again, how much improvement.

Remember, in a monthly counseling we are generally talking about professional growth and development. You don't get a great deal of growth and development in 20 days.

The result of monthly counseling sessions versus a montly assessment results in weakening the counseling process. You force NCOs to come up with something just to check the block, but what you normally end up with BLAH, BLAH, BLAH....

My position is supported by the counseling processes for the OER and NCOER. Other than a local policy, where is the requirement for monthly counseling?
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Thank you 1Sg that is a lot of good info very helpful
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You can also find examples in FM 6-22 ( available at

A lot of basic standards book (blue book) requires SPC and below to be counseled minimum once a month, here in Korea 2 ID has it listed.
My last unit fell under I corps at Ft Lewis; the I Corps blue book (FL REG 210-6) also requires monthly counseling for SPC and below.

On a good month I see my soldiers 15 days in a month(gotta luv Korea)I think this should be changed to quarterly, Remember event oriented can also be used for superior performance, not just negative counseling’s
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Every leader approaches counseling in a different manner. I actually agree in most cases that soldiers should be counseled monthly. If properly done according to FM 6-22 APP B (22-100) it can be an incredibly useful tool. The way I use it currently is this;
Monthly performance counseling: I review the soldiers efforts, accomplishments, shortcomings, military bearing, training (Both non-specific and MOS), physical training, or areas where they NEED improvement. I use a common checklist derived from past counselings i've received from my leaders and the NCOER. I cover how they handled their daily duties and tasks, I use my checklist of categories (Civilian ED, MIL ED, PT, Weapons, PROMO, there's a long list I have) to ask them how they think they did on the items I choose from that list (You have to tailor your counseling to each soldier, not every soldier will have the same categories from me) based on what they did throughout that month. I write notes as the soldier reflects on the past month, then I tell them how I see it, and together we create a plan of action to accomplish those goals for the next month. Monthly counseling builds on the quarterly "Professional Growth" counselings.
PROFESSIONAL GROWTH: This I usually reference to the initial counseling. I go back to those original goals I had the soldier write in on the initial counseling they received from me. With help of the soldier I try to evaluate the effort they've put forward to attain those goals. I also have them rewrite their goals here, even if they are the same, which they're usually not depending on if the soldier met the short term goals or changed them. I also use a checklist for this one similar to the Monthly Performance Checklist I use. (MOS PROFIC, PHYSICAL TRAINING, PROMOTION, CIVILIAN ED, MIL ED, LEADERSHIP, ETC)
The way I use counseling would be different for a leader in another MOS or with a different personality. I'm a medic in an infantry company and my soldiers are with their assigned platoons more often than not, so my counseling process is unique because i have more to evaluate. Training is a big one for us because even as a brand new private we begin training those around us.

There's many different styles and approaches to counseling, just tailor it to your soldiers to encourage them to do their best. Make sure they know what is expected of them, and you should know what your soldiers expect of you (Not by reading a book).
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I do my couseling for the lower enlisted with kinda the same format/style as an NCOER, this is kinda so when the SPC becomes an NCO he already know the areas that they must work on and the areas that are already being looked at. This is just my take on it.
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I'm just now stepping into the duties/rank of an NCO, so I would like to see the outline of a NCOER. I want to emphasize leadership development to my soldiers if possible, and use that as my primary leadership method.
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Really I would love to tell you that go for 2nd one (professional Counseling).Because there you can define in better way.

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