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Do not want to be an NCO

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a) Do you really have that little of a life you have brought up a year old thread to bitch about petty nonsense?

b) you asked if there was someplace that states an E-4 has any authority over E-3 and below. Autobahn showed you that there was. Therefore disproving your entire argument.

You seem like a very bitter and sad little man. Thank you for getting out of the Military and thank you for your service. Now please move on and leave the Military issues to people that actually matter in the Military. You are now a civilian so deal with it.

Also "he should have ducked" is not a valid excuse and is striking a Warrant Officer is punishable under UCMJ, but now you will come along with you are out of the Military which doesn't mean anything.

Lastly it is spelled have spelled it about 10 different ways in your BS rants. If you are going to try and act all high and mighty please for the love of all that is holy at least learn how to spell.
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I agree with MisterE911 and wonder as to your "666" rants and your need to reply a year later.

You, as a former NCO, would bring some credence to your opinions if you acted accordingly to the stripes that you earned when you were in the service.

And even though you provide your experiences as to why you disagree with the consensus in this thread, I will continue to disagree with you.

To go back to your response with me, I have witnessed employers who have looked over someone's resume and gave it more attention since they reached a leadership position in the military. When I served as a border patrol agent and applied for NYPD, I talked to investigators who were former military and preferred a candidate who have reached the NCO ranks.

I served four years in the Marine Corps where I know there are many that leave the service as E-3s and E-4s (which is also common in the Army as an E-4) but in the Corps, they teach leadership early on, so you will see E-2s and E-3s in Team and Squad leader positions. You even will have your rare E-3 leading a platoon. And yes, the learning curve happens fast and that is expected in a military organization because you never know who will be left to take charge if your leadership is taken out.

If you cannot lead yourself....

Also, the snide about Signal. I been Signal in the Army and Computer Programmer in the Marines Corps for over a decade. Some of our best "cyber warriors" hail from the combat arms who wear CIBs on their uniforms. Also, Signal has many Ranger and Sapper tab individuals.

I started out in the Army as a combat engineer and spent four years as an MP that served in Iraq. Am I lesser a Soldier if I never had that background? Were you ever aware that combat arms cannot do without combat support and combat service support? I know many high speed Soldiers in non-combat MOS that can out PT, out-ruck, be tactically and technically proficient that any combat arms Soldier, so that is why I think you have a narrow view of the Army.

And I know many Signal Warrants that have made great sacrifices on numerous deployments and have served as OCs without seeing their families during their assignments at NTC/JRTC.

I do hope that you are having a great civilian career.
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Originally posted by 777:

not sure what part of the Army you are from, but there are plenty of examples of PFC/SPC in leadership positions.

hell i was a teamleader for 2 of my deployments in a heavy weapons squad. started out as PFC and moved up to SPC.

you seem to have forgotten something since you ETS-ed.. Lower ranks.. i.e.. PFC and SPC can defintely hold a leadership role, and actually enforce orders pushed down from higher. they may not have the rank, but they defintely have the rank backing them up.

btw.. i sport the Signal crest.. and also a CIB...

what are you sporting, if you even deployed

btw.. good job reviving a year old thread...
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