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501st MI in Yongsan

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Originally posted by TheWiseChief:
As a Cyber auditor, I have seen unclass docs with TMI on the Seobingo (usually spelled without the G) compound than compared to his post.

But the MSG is correct, I will dress it down a bit and not even mention the sleeping on duty part. I think you are proposing dereliction of duty. Smiler

OPSEC is cut and dry and sometimes there appears to be grey areas where people get confused on. But I will try to keep it off the public net as much as possible.

I didn't think it was too harmful at the time; but after reading it again, it did present some OPSEC I edited it.

Speaking of OPSEC, that pic you posted should "disappear" as well....especially since it is a shot of something that gives directions to locations on a U.S. military facility located in a foreign nation on a site that any nationality could probably access....even I created this account years ago from abroad....jussayin ^_^

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