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Returning Early

The unit is sending me to the mainland early from Hawaii. We are PCSing to my home state in May and we need a break. Even the unit recognizes we need a break. We are trying to figure out how pay will work, especially since it may take me some time to find a job and transfer colleges. However, I still need to buy food, diapers, ect. He can't look for a place until he knows how much he has to pay me. So does anyone know how it works? Does he get BAH for Hawaii still or is it the lesser one (I can't remember the name now)? How is it divided? We weren't sure if his child support effects the amount.
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I have a hard time trying to understand what you are saying. There are a few things missing. Who is "he" and who is "we"? And you need a break from what? You need to explain your situation a little bit more.
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Yes, please explain in better detail or at least in a way that it makes sense, are we to assume you two need a "break" from each other? are we assuming since you talk about college and stuff that you are the dependent and he is the Soldier?

Only one I can answer is, once you leave a duty station and report to the next one, the BAH will change to your new one, they wont pay you hawaii rate while you are assigned to lets say, Fort Bliss....

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