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25Q in need of some guidance

I'm at 25Q E-5, I made cut off after 23 months total time in service. I'm currently attached to a Field Artillery Unit, which has no equipment related to my MOS. I've worked in the S-6 since arriving as an E-2 July 2009. That October I deployed to Afghanistan where I earned my E4 & E5. While deployed I contacted my branch seeing what I could do about possibly changing duty station upon my return. I was pretty much advised at that time (Still a PFC) to earn some rank and at least 24 months with the unit, both of which I have. Upon return my BDE implemented a FENCE on my unit which makes leaving the unit near impossible unless re-enlisting or ETSing. By all means I'm on great standing with my unit (WLC Commandant's List graduate, continuously great PT scores, and am just about done with my degree). I just feel that in order to efficiently progress in my military career I need to be with a unit that can provide me with my MOS related equipment.

My question is should I try contacting my branch manager for assistance in hopes of getting assigned possibly to another duty station? Or should I wait for my reenlistment window to open later this year?

Another reason for my move is while deployed my Step father was diagnosed with cancer, and my father was admitted to an assisted living facility due to his dementia and Alzheimer. I'm currently flying home to San Antonio, TX every other month from Fort Lewis, Washington to spend time with them both and help my mother as much as possible. I recently did some research and saw that Fort Sam Houston has recently stood up a Signal Unit, so I'm really trying to see if there are any 25Q slots at that unit. I've talked to my reenlistment NCO but of course his best advice is just for me to wait and reenlist. I know either way I’d have to wait until later this summer when I hit my 2 year mark with my current unit, but still any advice would be much appreciated!

SGT Mojica, Roxanne
HHB, 5th BN, 3rd Field Artillery
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I recommend you contact the Branch Manager everyday. Calling first thing in the morning is the best way to get him (Im a 25Q too.)

Explain to him your situation, going to Ft Sam may be a little difficult as a 25Q but I can tell you there are a ton of slots here at Ft Hood.

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pretty much everyone that is leavin our unit is heading to Korea...I think a new signal unit is being stood up there

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