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I am a 25P, and I was wondering if anyone has heard any information from branch on the future of the MOS. Or, when information is released about changes to the MOS, where would that information get posted?

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Check signal magazine, there is a 25p forum on AKO, watch milper messages, etc...

They keep talking about merging 25p and 25s but it hasn't happened yet- the first time I heard it I was at 25p AIT, back in 2000. Big Grin

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I have not heard any news about the Merging since about 2010, but I was happy to see that 25P's are starting to promote againg since its been deadlocked for about almost 2yrs. I have been sitting on the promotion list for about 2 yrs now with nothing but 798's for cutoff's. I hope it keeps up If it keeps dropping I should make cutoff in july or august considering the amount of people on the list and I would say half are automatics packing a whole 39 points.
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