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SFAS prep

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Other than ruck marching, what can I do to ensure I am fully prepared for the physical aspects of special forces assessment and selection course? thanks!
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My ex girlfriends dad went to selection not to long ago.
He told her that the last ruckmarch was 30 miles and had to be finished in 10 hours. After theyve been up for 48 hours or something crazy. Sleep deprivation would be a good start.

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Im sure you've already seen this SF prep page, but just in case you haven't..

Good luck!
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Also sfas is now only 14 or 15 days. One of the NCO in my unit who was just selected said it has done a complete 180 from the 25 day course. also don't be peered out or a non-select

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Congrats on your choice to volunteer for selection. The best advice that I can give you is to show up in good shape and to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the challenge that lies ahead. Selection is just the beginning, it is only about two weeks now, but don't take it lightly. Don't argue with your peers, be a team player, and lead when it's your turn to lead. It's a worthwhile experience and your training will continue well past SFAS, and throughout your career when you make it past selection. Good Luck, and don't quit!

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My buddy just left for SFAS. He was told there's only a couple of two week courses, then they are going back to three weeks. Not sure on the validity of that claim, but that's what the SF recruiters here on post claim.

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Went to selection in October and was a 24-day non-select. All I can say it that be prepared for everything and never quit.Show them that you really want it and train hard before you get there.Never let anything get you down.
Above all NEVER QUIT!!!
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