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Too old?

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Ok I am an optimist, but also a realist.

I am 31, will be 32 1/2 by the time I drop my packet and attend selection. (I am deployed now)

Am I too old for a career in Group? What are the chances of me not being selected due to age and longevity concerns?

I believe in the positive power of a positive mind and have no doubt I WILL MAKE IT THROUGH!!! My only question is will I make it through as a NON SELECT
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I would be suprised if you didnt get selected because of your age; SF appreciates maturity and experience.

However, I'll be the first to admit that I am not the authority on this subject. An SF recruiter should be able to answer all your questions. I would have posted the link but the one I found online was broken.
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i am currently in the SFQC, age is not a issue. I have know a guy that was 42 that got selected. Selection is pretty tough, but its all mental. Once you get selected, the Q course is just as demanding espcially SUT. Just be prepared for it. Good luck.
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But was the soldier Active, Reserve, or Guard.
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Once you enter into the SF selection path, the only consideration is can you meet the standards. If you are physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared, the only question is whether you are motivated enough to be SF qaulified. See the whole selection and training process at:

"The superior man, when resting in safety,
does not forget that danger may come.
When in a state of security he does not
forget the possibility of ruin.
When all is orderly, he does not forget
that disorder may come.
Thus his person is not endangered,
and his States and all their clans
are preserved."

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Being in your early 30's is a perfect age to go to selection and then into SF. If you are in shape and understand the demands that will be put on you during selection and the Q course, you will be fine. I was a former SF baby in early 1981 and being 18 years old, i was definately too young for SF. I believe the 18X should only be for re-enlistment or atleast until you make your E-4. I didn't know squat about the Army or being SF, but learned quickly. LTC Joe Martin wrote a book, "Get Selected for Special Forces" and did a great job outlining training for Selection and the demands on being on an A-Team. He was the person who was responsible for revamping the current Assessment and Selection for SF. He was also my last Team Leader on ODA 773! Good luck to all you SF recruits... no better place to be in the Army!
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