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i am currently having to change my MOS because i am switching from national guard to Active Duty, is it possible to have 18x as my MOS or is that secondary?? i have 11x and 19d as my top choices, but can i ask to have my MOS as an 18x? also my run is a 13:20-2mile, 67-pushups, 67-situps, would this be suffice for SF requiements?
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As for your pt, that meets the minimum requirement to go to selection. 18X isnt an actual mos. And if you dont make it through selection or Q then you will just go back to 11B. And i think if they are letting you come active you can get an 18X contract. You just go to infantry basic, then airborne the pre sf training then selection. if you pass it all, then you go to the Q course. Good luck
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