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I've been looking into 37F for a little while now. I've been gathering as much info as I possibly can on the mission and all that.

What I do have a question about is what the difference between the Battalions that have a specific AOR and the Tactical Battalion are?

Also, do the Battalions actually stay within the AOR they are assigned to?

Thanks for any help that anyone can give me.
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Battalions are regionally aligned, so a BN for SOUTHCOM, CENTCOM, AFRICOM, etc. The "tactical" BN is global but focuses on a different mission set than the others. Generally speaking, yes, the BNs stay regionally aligned with their AOR. Exceptions include past rotations to Iraq or/and Afghanistan. A friend of mine is a SORB recruiter. I PM'd you his email address. He can answer all your questions.
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