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Fort Riley, Ks

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So whats up everyone. I'm attending school right now at Ft Eustis to become an 88N. It's a a boring class, lots of computer time and like 4 days of this warrior week field exercise. It's going to be boring for us prior service guys. They basically told us it's mostly for the IET people. Yes they are mixed with us in our classes. Anyways with talking to retention branch,I am waiting on orders to Fort Riley. I was stationed there before Fort Hood. Just curious as what I would be doing there as an 88N. We lost the doctor for my son at Fort Hood so I asked to go back to Ft Riley where his old doctors are. Plus my wife's whole family is there. So yeah if anyone has been stationed there as an 88N if you could give me some insight that would be cool. I already know the whole area just curious on the possible unit and job that I could be doing.
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This an old post, but I'll add something to it. By now you've probably already gotten to your unit at Riley, so your questions may have already been answered. What you'll do there depends on what kind of unit it is. I've been an 88N for 7 years, so if you have any questions about the MOS, hit me up at AIT is a waste of time, but the MOS isn't bad depending on where you go.
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