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Stuck in 88m?

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I feel that 88M is a good career choice if its something that you don't mind doing 24/7 til retirement. Me, on the other hand, I see it as a hobby. I like to drive when I want where I want. I'm beginning to get tired of doing my regular runs and then feel burned out when I wanna go somewhere on my time off. Anyways, I feel when you get higher in rank then you have less and less options to choose. I'm being told now that I can only reclass into other critical shortage MOS that I qualify for. As far as the deployment question, I feel that I've been truly blessed. I went to Arifjan, Kuwait. I never experienced a lot of things that my comrades in the heart of it all experienced. I think where I was was like a resort compared to where they are. We were never attacked. We might of heard a few knuckleheads fire off there weapons in the distance, but never any close encounters, Thank the Lord. I feel like deployments are hard to determine where exactly you'll wind up. 88M are needed absolutely everywhere and in constant rotation. When I did recruiting, my station commander told me that there was this guy who joined the Army to be an 88M and got out with only 2yrs of service and with a letter of recommendation from him, he got a job working as a US Marshall. Just take your time and review all your options. Don't rush!
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Chiming in a little late here but I am an 88M. I LOVE my job, wouldnt trade it for anything. I also drive a HET. We were at Camp AJ in Kuwait but ran missions up into Iraq as far north as Q west near Mosul. Just meant we spent more time on the road than at AJ. You are pretty close with those in your CLP so it makes it easier. My GT is 128. I chose 88M because I love to drive.
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