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mid tour leave

My little brother is a reservest in Iraq and is about to go on mid tour leave and his pay offices is stating he will have to pay for any flight from his initial conus airport. ie, he arrives to st louis he will have to pay from pocket to get home(texas) and will also have to pay for his return flight to the st louis airport. Is this correct? Will he have to pay for those flights?
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If home is in Texas, why is he flying into St. Louis? When I took my R&R, they flew me straight into where I was going for my leave.
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that is correct he will have to pay to get home, they just send you back to your duty station or I guess for the REserves, as close as they can to your unit...

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Is St. Louis his home of record?

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but if I recall correctly, the military will pay for his airfare to/from his home of record and all subsequent travel is on his dime.
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