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Last year, I applied for OCS and I did not get selected so this year I decided to apply for both OCS and ROTC but looks like I got selected for both. Now I am not sure which one to choose. If I choose ROTC, I get to complete my masters with less interruption but I can got commissioned a lot quicker with OCS. Please, let me know what you would do in that situation. I am so confused.
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That's a very personal decision only you can answer.

What's more important for you?

Earning a Master's or Comissioning immediately?

The other thing I would look at is the fact in OCS you are locked down and it's very structured and like a "gentleman's" basic training from what I hear.

It's really up to what you prefer.
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IF things stay the same for the next 5yrs as they are now, you could go OCS, commission, go do your master's later on. You incur a "duty service obligation" if you go to college on the Army's dime later.

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