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DD Form 368

Has anyone used this route to go enlisted to officer? I am an active duty e-5 and my current 1LT has told me about this option as he did this. He was 12 years prior Air Force e-6. He told me that I can use the DD Form 468 Conditional Release Request and basically ets and go to school and go ROTC while in the national guard etc. Anyone gone this route?
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The 368 to get out of active duty to go to school and the NG is something I have not seen. You can check the green to gold option which is similar but you are still on active duty.

I used the 368 when I left the Guard to come Active.
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never heard of using the 368 to get released from active duty...the 368 is used when going from reserves to active (or NG to active) because they conditionally release you so you can go active, if you do not go active during the time specified on the form, you are still obligated to your reserve contract...dont know how this would work with you being active...only way i know for you is to apply for green to gold or wait until you ETS then apply for college and ROTC.

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Since he was in the AF the 368 from active is the Blue to Green program, but I haven't seen that in a while...

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I've never used the route but I've been thinking about this option after I get my masters in criminal justice. I plan to build my career brick by brick, I hope the route I chose is going to lead me to the results I want. Thanks for sharing your experiences!
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