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Green to Gold ADO

Guys I have couple of questions regarding about the Green to Gold ADO program, please any suggestion and comment is appreciated. Thanks

I submit my Green to Gold Packet sometime in FEB and according to the information packet I should found out if I get accepted by 28th of June thru my Commander. But the Class start in Aug it just seem little to close as far as finding out your status and then register for class and then clear and PCS is there a way I can find out early or Do I Just have to wait until June comes around??

What is the acceptance rate for this program does anyone know or done it before? This is my first time putting the packet together but due to lack of experience I am afraid I am missing something. It just seems like almost "too easy" just submit through online and upload the documents? There isn't a place for you to put LOR either. If i do get accepted do I get an order just like a PCS order or a Memo?? I am assuming I have to out-process out of my current unit right?? And I will report to the ROTC Command within the university??

I am E5(p) currently hold a AA degree, I been in the army for 6 years been deployed to Afghanistan once, I have no kids or dependence, I will attend ROTC program (if i get accepted) in the same state I am currently stationed at so I don’t have to move and PCS due to such short notice so what is my rate of acceptance?? any information or suggest are appreciated. Thanks for your time..
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There is another forum if you google it on this site. It will have lots of answers for you. Basically what it looks like is we will know the end of this month or early next month. LOR goes under the additional documents portion of the packet. You will get orders if you are accepted.You will be assigned to Ft. Jackson on paper but will be attached to the school you go to for duty.There is a total of 200 slots available but last year only 179 got filled.
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