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APFT improvement help!

I am currently a cadet in ROTC, and 25 years old. I will commission in August and leave for BOLC in October. I am prior enlisted (E5), and back then I averaged a score of 280. I had a little (hip/knee) injury that had me on a "no run" profile for about 5 months about a year ago. Ever since then, I can not seem to get my run below a 15:00! My sit-ups have also dropped by about 5 reps as well. I run for distance (3.5+ miles) three times a week and also run timed miles (normally 7:00) twice a week, but when it times come to execute, I can't get my run right! I am embarrassed to say that I just scored a 252 this morning. I NEED to be back at 280 by time I leave for BOLC and definitely by time I get my first PL assignment. Someone please help or tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Additional info: I'm a "weight lifter" at 210lbs and 14.5% bf (by Army tape test) 2 days out before APFT, I normally do a light, slow 2 mile run. 1 day out, I do a light, slow 1 mile run. Both days I drink over a gallon of water. 1 day out I also eat a ton of carbs in the form of an entire pizza to "carb-up." Day of, I get up early and walk my dog for a half mile, do 10 reps of push-up/sit-ups, drink enough water to hydrate a family of four, then execute. What should I do differently?
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Try interval runs where you jog for a minute and sprint for 45 seconds, going at least 2 miles, sprints, slow mile or less jog the morning of the PT test.
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Ok, seriously? You eat a whole pizza prior to a TWO MILE RUN? I completely understand about carbing up prior to a LONG distance run, such as a marathon, not a short 2 mile run.

IMO, I think you're consuming way too much for such a small event. Maybe that's why you're slower. Maybe don't eat/drink so much beforehand?

+1 on Illernoise's idea.
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IMO, I think you're consuming way too much for such a small event. Maybe that's why you're slower. Maybe don't eat/drink so much beforehand?

Exactly... dont do anything SPECIAL for the APFT, if you are used to running 7 minute miles, or can average 2 miles on a regular run day. By overloading food/fluids, prepping too much (extra runs/walks/reps prior to testing) you arent doing anything to your body but chaining the way it normally operates.

By injesting that much food and water before the test your body has to over compensate for the fuel that isnt normally there, thereby changing the efficiency of the machine. If you change the efficiency there is no way to properly predict what will happen down the line.

Stay on your normal course of activity, and continue to cut down your two mile time. From what it sounds, conditioning isn't your problem, poor habits prior to performing for record is your issue.

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