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In AMCP but separated

Hi i'm a Sgt. with the 173rd in Vicenza Italy just got here about a month ago. I got married and call branch to get my orders cancelled and stay in Ft. Bragg NC, do to the fact that my wife also in the military is pregnant and she was not in my orders, sadly my S1 din't update our ERB to show that we were married and branch said they couldn't do anything about it unless it showed in the system that we were married. Now i'm in Italy and my baby is coming out lol (cant wait) in two months, she can't come here right now do to the fact that she is so close to giving birth. I was told she can put a 4187 so i can go to 82nd instead is this true? so far people say it cant happened do to the fact that i just got here. She can re-enlist to got to 101 Ft.campbell if she does that would i get orders to go there? and last when i called branch today the i was told that my best option is for her to re-enlist for the army needs, then called them again after she re-enlist and they'll try to help me. I'm a 92 A. and so is she and out of 100 times more or less no exaggeration we have been able to get in contact with branch three times please help i really want to be with my son before another deployment comes and as you can see by the bible i just wrote this is really killing me. Thanks for everyone that post in advance (and know that I've asked anyone i could and research and google and couldn't find an actual answer thanks and sorry for the long post.
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Married Army Couples Program (MACP) does NOT guarantee you will be assigned together, it just means that the Army will take it into consideration when doing your, if I were you I would get your Chain of Command involved ASAP, let them know of the situation, have your 1SG deal with the situation as him calling branch has more effect than you calling...there is no real concrete answer, just like they could say "hey you are there now do your overseas tour and your next assignment will be with your wife" they could be like "hey we need to PCS this guy back to the states so they can be together"...i am going to go with the first option...good luck though and congrats on the soon to be newborn!!!

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