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family care plan

I been in the Army over 8 years with 4 deployments. I only been at my current assignment for 1 month. I dont have a valid family care plan an my unit expect me to be at work at 0200. I understand not putting me on a certain schedule cause its not fair to others. I do not trust no one outside my family with my child those type of hours and it will mess up her sleep habits she is in kinder. I tried to get a family up here.I have not been counseled for not having one. I'm just wondering how I can get the process rolling?

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As you stated you haven't been counseled yet on the matter. Once the commander counsels you, at that time he/she will give you the packet to complete for the FCP. In the mean time you have to find someone you can truely trust to look after your daughter; both long term and short term.
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Bring the issue to your chain of command and get things going, dont just sit around waiting for things to happen for you.

Not sure where you are, but there are a ton of 24 hour child care facilities out there.
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Nubian, I can totally relate to you not wanting anyone to watch your kids other than family. We are the same way, hell I don't even let my kids go into other people's houses without us. My suggestion would to be talk to your chain of command.
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Thanks for all the advice. Finally got counseled two days after my platoon SGT (SFC) put my business out there to the entire platoon which is unprofessional. Im still seeking someone I can trust. I cant give up. Theres so much going on in my life at this time.... Thanks
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