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Wifes Appointments

Ok, I am a 11B and currently in the rank of PFC. I am located in Hawaii. My wife recently had surgery on one of her ears. She is still recovering from it and unable to drive due to dizziness and medicine she is taking for the pain. She tried to set up an appointment to do the other ear, but during that time I had a major training event that came around. My command told me there was no way I was going to be able to take her to the appointment, so she rescheduled it. Now we are doing garrison things around the company (ie cleaning up trash, standing around waiting to be tasked out on details, updating documents). My team leader is trying to tell me that I will be unable to take my wife to any of her appointments. I understand less serious appointments like dental or her back hurts so she is going to get it checked out. However, these appointments all have to do with her surgery. My team leader is telling me that I am going to have to find some one else to take my wife. My problem is I am in Hawaii its next to impossible for me to get family out here. My wife is going to be drugged up from the surgery and does not trust anyone from the FRG. I have had a lot of family members in the military tell me that the Army is BIG on taking care of your family, and more so in an overseas assignment.

I am about to use the open door policy to jump up and try to resolve this issue, but I need any advice. Am I in the wrong here? If not are there any army regulations that support me? This issue is causing an excessive amount of stress as if there was not enough from the surgery alone. I hate drama but im stuck between taking care of my wife and making my team leader happy.
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Yes, certainly go up the chain.

One rung at a time seems to be the best way, for me. If you talk to the Squad Leader and/or PLT SGT, you might get the situation resolved,

But if you go straight to 1SG or CDR without giving them a chance, the NCOs you just "skipped" might resent it all...

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