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I am a mother of a 2 month old little girl and her father is a soldier in the US Army. We are not together and not married. He has never laid eyes on her. He is saying that he can come see her as soon as his DEERS paperwork is finished processing. What is the process for DEERS and how long does it take because he needs to see her. She is a very sick baby and has a genetic metabolic disorder called MCAD and she is also possibly epileptic...
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He's deployed?

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Why cant he visit before enrolling her in DEERS?

Enrolling in DEERS, if he has all the paperwork, can take like 10 minutes.

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Yeah, why can't he visit? Where is he? DEERS has nothing to do with him going to visit someone...but he does need to enroll his kids, especially if they have medical problems...and yes, it only takes a few minutes to do that, all he needs is a copy of her birth certificate (assuming his name is on the father).
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