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I have been AD for 6yrs and newly married an a mother of one(not fathered by my husband). My husband just got PCS'd and Im new (4 months) to my duty station. I'm so sure that the Army wont PCS either of us to either post because of the whole TOS required before requesting orders. Is there anyway other way we can get stationed back together? I have considered dropping my FCP and I was wondering what I will be entitled to and if it will be considered 'involuntary separation' for me to receive severance pay? Any input will help. Thanks.
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You should not be entitled to any severance pay.

Did you re-enlist? Why cant you remain until your ETS?

The Army has reasons for not moving newly married couples because if that was the cause; they probably be many fraudulent marriages just for the sake of relocating.

This is the reg
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I ETS in 2014 and its just not an option for me to be away from my husband for that long. But like I said I'm going through all the options before I do request to get chaptered out on a FCP. I guess I should just through my unit to see what I kind of discharge it would actually be
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You can't just request a FCP chapter. It's the commander's decision as to whether he feels you should be separated under that chapter or not.

If you have a valid FCP and you decide that you want out within a month and you go from having a valid FCP to having a invalid FCP. You will only be raising questions.
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