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re-enlistment questions

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i have a few questions about re-enlistment.

I am 20 months to ETS on my original 5 year contract. According to the most recent MILPER message i am in a critical skill MOS. I was wondering when, exactly, does your window open for re-up? Is there a requirement for duty station of choice? Also, if the retention personnel say that a station is not an option, is there any way around that or is that the final word?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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Reenlistment windows open 24 months out from your ETS. If you want station of choice then you can submit your top 3 choices to your career counselor who will send that up. If there is a slot available then you may get it.

A station is a reenlistment option for CONUS. Specific units on those stations are not reenlistment options. Overseas stations are not options but overseas areas are options. example is reenlist for Alaska which is an area. This means you can be assigned to Ft. Richardson, Ft. wainwright, or Ft. Greely but you don't chose.
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Like alaskaviper mentioned, your reenlistment window opens at 24-months from ETS ... you're currently in your window.

There is a requirement for duty station of choice ... you must be on your current station for 12-months and you must reenlist for 4 years to get the option to change duty stations.

If the station is not available when your Career Counselor views the screen, they can submit a HOTLINE to request the assignment; if reasonable.

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