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compassionate reassignment

My husband and I have tried to prepare ourselves as much as possible to make back-up plans and make sure that we do all that we can to make the transition easy but we have come to a road block. I will be honest thru it all we can't be guarnteed care 100% here. I have found the child neurologist is the only one in the whole state of Alaska. I was under the impression that our son had alternatives such as that the hospital on base could also faciliate care but that is not so they do not even carry his medication and I have found that neurologist states in his letter and patient information sheets that He is the only one an can not guarntee that he will be avaible for help due to his extreme schedule. He states that we need to make sure that we have a alternate care plan, in case he is not available. We are not comfortable with that we are here for five years. If something were to happen what could we do. We need him to be monitored to ensure that there is no complications with his care, but if there is no one that is knowledgeable about this I find hard to find alternate care. My husband and I have discussed this and have tried to see what would be the alternative there is none when there is only one in the whole state. We forsee risk factors everywhere and do not feel that we as parents would be doing our job if we neglected to do all we can to guarntee care. The hospital on base is not able to faciliate care or even have his medication in stock/ the hospital off base can not help eitheir. We found the next closes thing would be washington state that to me is not a back up plan. Is this grounds for compassionate reassignment and how do we go about getting the ball rolling if it is?
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I would discuss this with the local Legal office and get their professional advice. I have read the regulations several times and this one should fit into the qualifies block if what you say about his needing medical care is true. The other requirements for a compassionate assignment would be a need for your husband at the gaining station. You need to look into places he could PCS to with adequate medical care and a job he can perform. Legal is probably your best first step. Good luck to you!
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