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Family Care Plan

I'm not here to make any excuses. I know being a single parent doesn't mean I get special treatment or anything. I do not have a family care plan(I did at one point that didn't work out) and I'm having a lot of financial issues. So, my 1SG who is also a single parent asked me if I was considering getting chapter out I said no. She stated that it is not a bad way especially if it's the best decision for my son and I. Throughout the process she has tried to help me but we both havent made any progress. I thought it all through and came to her saying that I think it would be the chapter would be the best route. I could go back home get back on my feet, save money, and work. That it would cut back on a lot of the bills. She agreed and said she would start the paperwork. My SM found out my decision and said he refuses to chapter me that he's giving me a lawful order to hand in a family care plan. My job wants me to work shift. My son attend daycare on post(that is affordable for me $400.00 a month). Im being told to find a daycare that can watch him so I can do shift. Ive looked off base(Im at peterson afb CO) and nothing has come up that is affordable like the daycare on base. I've proved this and have my 1SG that can agree. I've been dealing with this issue for the past 8 months. Being in the Army isn't helping. Yeah I know some will have some reply and say I'm a quiter, I'm trying to sham out of the Army, etc...Yes, I reenlisted back in Oct 07 out of fear that I wouldnt be able to provide for my son. I've request to be sent to a Army unit near my family. knowing I may get deployed but I would have family support. I have no family support here. Of course my request was denied. My SM wants me to think this through. I am and still looking into single parent resource so they can see that Im trying everything. My question is since my SM gave me a lawful order when it comes to my family care plan. Does that mean he can in turn give me an article 15?
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Sounds like a question for Trial Defense Services (TDS). You should be able to locate TDS at your local JAG/SJA building.
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I'm almost positive that your SGM (or CSM) cannot article 15 you for not being able to find adequate custody for your son should you deploy or go on an exercise etc. If he tries to, then I would fight it.

As far as the daycare is concerned, I'm not 10o% sure, but it would seem pretty messed up should he try to put you on shift but you insist you cannot find someone to watch him. Yes you joined the Army and chose to be a single parent however you have already discussed your issues with your 1SG and are doing the right thing (for both your family and the Army) by getting out. I don't think you are giving up at all. I applaud you for stepping up and taking care of your son rather than putting him with someone you do not feel comfortable with. I had a friend at Bragg who did daycare and she had parents that paid her to watch them 24 hours while they deployed or went TDY. Now, I'm not them but I could not leave my kids with someone I didn't know just so I could deploy. My family comes first.

Good luck with all this. Let us know what happens. Like SSG Prophet said, please call your JAG office and talk to them immediatly. If you don't get anywhere with them, tell your 1SG and go to IG. Your 1SG seems behind you on this.

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