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I'm so glad to see that last post by 26 golf. That's the way it should be not "Oh let me get promoted to SGT before I start acting like one". You should portray yourself as if you were one rank higher before you should even be recommended.

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thanks for all the response! i have a seat lined up for WLC this june but may take an earlier seat. also an AGR position has came to me out of the blue. havent decided if i wanted to go active or go AGR
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say WHITE26GOLF...assuming your a tanker also. when you mention "ELC" i also assume that you are refering to M-SLC Maneuver-Senior Leaders Course...because for you and i that is the replacement ANCOC. only know that because i work here. make sure you know what your talking about before you share things with other so everybody is not completely jacked up because they went with something some guy wrote on the internet.
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Digitalcamo, my post was written about a year before your correction. At the time the new acronyms had not even been in place yet. I was reciting what the SGL's had told me, and I even said don't take my word on the name ELC. Sorry, yes I now mean to say SLC, or to some M-SLC. I think that the content of the post was more important at the time than what the correct acronym was. Make sure you read the entire thread before you reply and sound all jacked up.
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